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The Philippines are Asia Pacific's leading aviation training centre with functional facilities and accredited educators, providing local and international students with a range of study options. Students interested in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering can rest assured that Fast Academy offers cutting edge industry relevant programs accredited by CAAP. Stable weather allows pilot students to fast-track their flight training while soaking in the beauty of the country during their practical flight training. All Pilot Training School programs are fully accredited by CAAP. 

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Benefits of studying in The Philippines

Excellent Education System

The Philippines are widely regarded as Asia's  #1 training ground for aviation related studies.  Schools are accredited by  CAAP an ICAO member

Great Lifestyle

Endless tropical beaches and historical monuments  guarantee an enjoyable study time. Lower cost of living are a great advantage over alternative destinations

Work Part Time

International students are not permitted to work during their studies in the Philippines. This ensures that students place focus on their studies 

Improve your English

Improving your English is straight forward in the Philippines. Asia's English speaking country offers a variety of English schools 

Global Accredited Programs

Our engineering and flight training partners hold globally recognised endorsements allowing graduates to succeed in their field of study

Discover a New Culture

The Philippines is a melting pot of western and eastern cultures.

The traditional culture is heavily influenced of indigenous and Austronesian people

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