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Becoming a Cabin Crew


You are a true hospitalitiy professional, career driven and ready to travel the world?

…. Yes is your answer - then you should consider one of the trendiest jobs amoung young & outgoing individuals.


Working as a cabin crew provides you with an unmatched lifestyle – and an opportunity to step out of your normal routine. There is no day like another; breakfast in Paris, dinner in Capetown and hang-gliding in Rio de Janero – it’s all possible within a week; just imagine what you could experience in a year!


Perks & benefits everyone else is jelous of:


  • Free & heavily discounted airtickets for you and your family

  • Attractive salary – get paid while exploring the world

  • Complimentary cabin crew accomodation

  • Global health insurance.

  • Countless discounts with tours & daytrips around the globe

  • High job security due to the global expansion of the aviaiton industry


A Day in the Life of a Cabin Crew


If you are after a 9-5 job, reconsider your need to apply J. Most airlines operate 24/7 so you can be sure to experience working around the clock and throughout multiple time zones. 


A typical day can look like the following:

Are you qualified to become a Cabin Crew:


  • Minimum height: 158 -160cm*

  • Minimum age: from 18 – 21 years*

  • English: from 5.5 IELTS onwards*

  • Good state of health

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