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Pilot Training

All our partner flying schools in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and the United States have a rich aviation history. They have been around for almost 100 years, which makes them leaders for pilot training. Committed to the highest standards of training excellence, these organisations are managed by some of the industry’s most experienced aviation professionals, who are dedicated to not just transferring their knowledge on to our students, but to developing the skills of our cadets to the highest level.

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

  • CASA Accredited CPL MEIR Training Course

  • CAAC Accredited CPL MEIR Training Course

ANAC has been training pilots since 1990 with a 100% Safety Record. 

The flying school operates a fleet of over 35 aircraft that are distributed throughout three campuses as needed. ANAC maintain a ratio of approximately 1 aircraft to 6 students.


  • Moorabbin Airport (located to the south of Melbourne)

  • Mangalore Airport (1.5 hours north of Melbourne)

  • Point Cook Airport (45 minutes west of Melbourne)

Airways TRA.png


  • CASA Accredited CPL MEIR Training Course

  • Certificate III in Aviation (Ground Operations & Service)

  • Bachelor of Business (Aviation Management) & CASA CPL MEIR Training Course

AIRWAYS AVIATION Pilot Training Academy is an outstanding pilot training facility located in Queensland. Students will complete their flight training at the Sunshine Coast campus in Caloundra as well as on the Gold Coast campus of AVIATION AIRWAYS.


The pilot training facilities are designed for an exceptional learning experience. They are modern, spacious, comfortable and are equipped with the latest technology.

  • CPL MEIR & Bachelor of Business (Aviation Management); in cooperation with Southern Cross University
  • Flight Training conducted at Caloundra and Gold Coast Airport featuring some of Australia's best Beaches
  • The combined training at a local and small sized International Airport equips cadets with the required skills to take off with their pilot career
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  • CAA NZ Accredited CPL MEIR Training Course

  • CAAV Accredited CPL MEIR MCC Training Course

New Zealand Airline Academy Limited (NZAAL) is a flight training organisation (FTO) certificated under Part 141 of Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand and Part 141 of Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam as well as a cadet pilot training providers of Air Asia India based in Oamaru, North Otago. It is a young enterprise, born in 2018 as a joint project of two aviation professionals who came to New Zealand to complete their commercial pilot training almost fifteen years ago.


NZAAL students come from across the Asia Pacific region.


  • Great value program tuition fees with an all meals included live on campus option

  • CAA NZ & CAAV approved programs ensure that you have no hassle when converting your license

  • Study in the Asia Pacific region to home


Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND

  • CAA NZ, CAAV Accredited CPL MEIR Training Course

The International Aviation Academy of New Zealand (IAANZ) is the Professional flight training division of New Zealand's largest Aero Club, the Canterbury Aero Club (established 1928.) 

The Academy is unique in that it operates from a large international airport, with full instrument approach aids. The experience gained in this airline environment gives our graduates a significant advantage when pursuing an aviation career.


  • Exposure to a real, professional and commercial aviation environment from day one.

  • With more than 600 hours of ground schooling and 28 aircrafts for flight training, your journey from being a dreamer to an aviator will be facilitated by a team of 33 highly qualified flight instructors.

  • Train in a truly international environment with fellow aviators from about 15 different countries.

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Brisbane & Sydney, AUSTRALIA

  • CASA Accredited CPL MEIR Training Course

Basair is the largest flying college in Australia with over 70 aircraft across three campuses. Our alumni are flying with over 40 different airlines around the world. Basair programs are designed in-house by aviation professionals with many years of experience training commercial pilots. 


Basair has a wide fleet of training aircraft available including Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft & Duchess. 



  • Alumni who are working for major airlines around the globeUnique partnership with Griffith University where student can complete a Bachelor Degree in addition to the pilot training​

  • Choose from 2 locations in Australia; 

    • Sydney - Bankstown Airport​

    • Brisbane - Archerfield Airport

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Airways Aviation
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Eagle Flight Training


  • CAA NZ & CAAV Accredited CPL MEIR Training Course

Eagle Flight Training has been the School of choice for many professional pilots, make it your choice too!  We are proud to have a team of dedicated aviation professionals helping the next generation of aviation specialists learn the aviation craft.

With an experienced and diverse background in the aviation industry, our staff and instructors are ready to receive and answer all queries you may have and to provide guidance, support and direction in regard to all aspects of the flight training services we provide. At Eagle Flight Training, we strive to provide you with Industry best practice teaching, where we are teaching and mentoring you to become proficient as a Pilot and as a leader in the aviation field. Ultimately, it is our objective to assist you to become a professional aviator whereby it is self-evident to prospective employers that you can add value to any enterprise you are associated with in the future.


  • Alumni who are working for major airlines around the globe

  • Located on the North Island of New Zealand

  • Affordable housing options for student

  • Aptitude testing via ADAPT - Pilot Screening

EFT Campus Photo.jpeg


  • CAA NZ & CAAV Accredited CPL MEIR Training Course, FI Optional add on

Auckland International Pilot Academy (AIPA) is deeply rooted in a legacy that spans over six decades. Our parent company, North Shore Aero Club (NSAC), has been nurturing pilots since 1963, and it’s where our story began. Beyond our impressive pedigree, NSAC proudly owns and operates the historic North Shore Airport, a bastion of aviation that first buzzed with aircraft as early as the late 1950s.


The years have seen us evolve, expanding our fleet, welcoming more aspiring pilots, and broadening our vision. Our growth is not just in numbers, but in dreams, experiences, and the ever-expanding horizons we aim to explore.

Joining AIPA means becoming an integral member of the NSAC family, where the spirit of camaraderie runs deep. Our vibrant community thrives on events, trips, competitions, and outings, perfect for those who value fun as a vital part of their learning journey.

We hold ourselves to the highest educational standards, ensuring both our staff’s continuous professional growth and the meticulous upkeep of our facilities and aircraft. With an eye always on the future, we stay abreast of the latest in aviation technology.


  • Alumni who are working for major airlines around the globe

  • Located at Northshore Airport in Auckland

  • 230hrs CPL MEIR package

  • Multiple housing options for student

  • Aptitude testing via ADAPT - Pilot Screening

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Armore Logo.png

Ardmore, Greater Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

  • CAA NZ & CAAV Accredited CPL MEIR Training Course, FI Optional add on

Ardmore Flying School is located overlooking Ardmore Airport, with excellent views of the airfield, runways and aviation activity from its offices, student areas and recreational deck areas.

Our formal theory training is delivered in one of the especially equipped classrooms. These are air-conditioned for comfort all year round and have modern teaching aids to enhance student’s learning experience. Pre-flight briefings are delivered in one of the ‘Briefing Rooms’ which has access to all the on-line briefing material, a whiteboard and computer so that the instructor and student can prepare for the lesson ahead. De-briefs can also be conducted here, to allow the instructor and students the privacy to reflect on the individual’s flight progress and training.

From the schools outdoor covered deck area, we are able to look out over our fleet of Cessna 152’s, 172’s and DA-42’s. The large concreted apron allows students to easily prepare for the flight ahead by utilising the equipment provided to refuel, push back and pre-flight the aircraft.


  • Residential Option available at competitive prices

  • Alumni who are working for major airlines around the globe

  • Located at Ardmore Airport

  • Diamond Aircraft used for multi engine training

  • Aptitude testing via ADAPT - Pilot Screening

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spartan logo.jpeg

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

  • FAA Accredited CPL MEIR Training Course

With over 90 years of history, Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology has trained more than 140,000 pilots and aviation technicians across its campuses in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Los Angeles, California; and Denver, Colorado.

Recognized as a leading and trustworthy training institution, the college attracts students from across the United States and over 62 countries worldwide.


  • Extensive pilot training programs, including PPL, CPL, MEIR, Instructor Training, and Bachelor's degree programs.

  • Flight hours ranging from 800 to 1000 hours.

  • A one-year internship program following the completion of the Bachelor's degree.

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